History of King Travel

A long time and a long road I passed through before I had ideas to built my own travel company. In my past time, I just a taxi driver. I drove at one of taxi agency in my town, Malang. Actually, I was born by poor people. I ddn’t learn in formal school well. I just one of the broken home victims. Ah, forget that! I just want to share the long and difficult way to built my own company, a small company named KING TRAVEL.

I drove taxi for several years, and I decide to get out when I thought travel agency company looks more prosperous. Firstly, I looked for people who wants to invest car on me. I ask several people insistently. Finally, I know Mr. Mus which is introduced by my friends. Mr. Mus invest 2 minibus cars on me. Firstly, I thought I could pay those car loan, because at that time I got lot of job. Then, I become greedy. I thought I could handle more than two cars. Unfortunately, when I had 6 invested cars the fasting month coming. And actually, in fasting month the travel order decreased significantly.

So, the time I lost my car was coming. One of my driver was careless. He’s lied by someone (my customer) and my car was stolen. Need several months to search our lost car. And that’s make my financial bankcrupt and my travel is ended suddenly. My family was in poverty. We lack of money, but Alhamdulillah, God shows the way.

Slowly, I join in other rent car company. I learn from their way to manage travel company. Some of travel company in Malang, I help them to get lots of order. And always, I betrayed. Finally, I join in V Travel in Malang. Somebody who works as contractor invest on me. He trust me to manage his travel company, but again, I betrayed.

That’s why I built this King Travel with my colleague, Mr. Dicky. I wish this will be the last travel I managed. I wish it could be the King of transportation in Malang, moreover in Indonesia. I believe, this is my way to be a successful entrepeneur with Mr. Dicky

King Promo

the office is on Ronggolawe street 30 – 31, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
you can make any reservation within destination :
1. Malang – Juanda Airport
2. Malang – Surabaya
3. Juanda Airport – Malang
4. Surabaya – Malang
5. Car rents
6. Drop
7. Tour Package
8. Bromo Package

only call us on :
0341 33 58 58
0341 33 33 58

or email us at king.travel335858@yahoo.com

we delighted to serve you better 😀
enjoy your trip with us ❤