Goes to Bromo With Us

Are you bored going to beach? Want something different, cold, and exotic?

We have a choice for you, the great one. GOES TO BROMO! Everyone knows that Bromo Mountain contains natural exoticsm. The crater, the air, the culture interest all of foreign and domestic tourist to go there. So, just let your vacation and adventure in Bromo managed by us. Using ELF and our big van transportation. You will get pleasure and your vacation will be worth to remember. Baca lebih lanjut

King Travel Family Trip to Safari Park

on 16th January 2012, as the celebration of King travel’s success past a year. The Chief, Mr. Marlet ask his employee to go together for a family recreation. Exchange the holiday week which is fulled of job. So let’s join their happiness in Safari Park, Prigen – Pasuruan.

In this park, you will find animal preserve and some game zone. You could spend your vacation here. This place provide education show and also amusing us as the visitors to refresh mind. Just call us KING TRAVEL as your travel agency and you will get some pleasure experience when visit East Java.

Mr. Marlet ready for action Baca lebih lanjut