Culinary Tour in Malang

Malang has a lot of delicious and various food and beverage.

Want some hot stuff?

Just go to Mie Setan, Mie Buto Ijo, Ceker Setan, Nasi Goreng Kaplok in Malang. We serve spices and hot culinary. Those hot foods are appropriate with cool weather of Malang.

Want some Steak?

Just Go to super steak and Waroeng Steak and Shake. All delicious steak was here.

Want some snack?

We could pick you up to Sanan’s Tempe Central Industry. You could found healthy snack and also cheap enough in for your pocket money.

Want some Big Sandwich?

We’ll bring you to Burger Buto’s restaurant which serves a big portion of sandwich and hotdogs. Or just go to Ikana in Jalan Galunggung, when you had any ocassion to celebrate. Ikana serves Fried Rice and other chinese’s cuisine in family portion.

Want some tiny foods?

We’ll bring you to Serabi Imut, you could taste the sour and sweet serabi in any flavor. But you should be patient if go there, because this food store always crowd.

So, why you doubt to travel with us? Just call us in 0341 – 995 3148

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