The Excotism of Coban Rondo

Have some fun in waterfall is not a sin, It’s definitely a great experiences. You could spend your time to go to Coban Rondo Waterfall when you go to Malang. The water is so cold and pure, you’ll be refreshed and you’ll be say ‘This is such a wonderful another God’s creation!‘. We’ll bring you there using city tour package. Only IDR 350,000 and if you want to go there by yourself, you just need to pay IDR 15,000 for enter ticket.


Coban Rondo Waterfall, is On Batu – Malang exactly at Pujon’s village. You could show the landmark above. If you see that sculpture you just take the left way and finally, You arrive at Coban Rondo’s Area.


Coban Rondo means = Widow Waterfall. The Legend said that a long time ago, there was a woman and his husband went to this waterfall after their marriage. They went there to have a honeymoon. Unfortunately, they were ambuscaded by a Buto the Lord of Anjasmoro Mountain. Then, the groom had a big fight with Buto, while the bride was defended by the groom’s army. The bride was brought into waterfall for several days, and soon she heard that his husband was dead. Then the bride suicide. That’s why this waterfall named Coban Rondo, because the it means the waterfall for widowed person. But, don’t worry about this, It’s just a folklore.



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