Next Destination : Malang

Do you ever feel fresh air in Indonesia? Cold weather, fresh air, taste apples and many more you could find in Malang. Basically, we also serve city touring for 12 hours a day with APV, Xenia, Avanza, Inova and Luxio only IDR 350.00 which each cars could be set for 5-6 passengers. You could follow our city tour package or you choose your own destination. And here some of our tour package for Great Malang:

    1. Jawa Timur Park 1 and 2

For all of you who wants to have education holiday. It’s the right choice. You can be relax and also teach your kids all adventure. So you just pay for IDR 60.000 and enjoy the playground and know more and closer about the animal in Batu Secret Zoo (Jawa Timur Park 2).

Jawa Timur Park

East Java Destination

Batu Secret Zoo

    1. Batu Night Spectacular

Enjoy the sparkles night at Batu. Enjoy the beauty of Malang from above. Come with us only IDR 50.000 to enter this recreation center. A Nice place to take photograph with.


Batu Night Spectacular

BNS sparks

    1. Kusuma Agrowisata (Apple’s Garden)

Taste the flavor of Apple. Enjoy the education holiday and feel the feelings to be Apple’s Garden Farmer.

Kusuma Agrowisata


Batu's Apples

    1. Batu Town Square

The square which is proudly presents by Batu. Small but full of memories. You could ride the Big Wheel only with IDR 3.000.


Batu Town Square


    1. Animal Museum

Museum Satwa


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