Goes to Bromo With Us

Are you bored going to beach? Want something different, cold, and exotic?

We have a choice for you, the great one. GOES TO BROMO! Everyone knows that Bromo Mountain contains natural exoticsm. The crater, the air, the culture interest all of foreign and domestic tourist to go there. So, just let your vacation and adventure in Bromo managed by us. Using ELF and our big van transportation. You will get pleasure and your vacation will be worth to remember.

we start the journey in midnight then the next day we’ll see the sunrise in the early morning. You could enjoy the sunrise at Bromo Mountain, near the crater. And we’ll come with you to across sand sea with the jeep and also let you to ride the horse. And if Kasada Ceremony held, we could take some picture of it.
Only IDR 750.000 for each transportation including touring in sand sea and tour guide. Which you can collect the fund for 10 passengers. We serve you with ELF and enjoy the exoticsm of East Java.

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